IRA Rollovers & Stock Gifts

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

You might like to consider a gift of appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds. If you have assets such as these that have grown in value over the years, you may give them to Lynn House without being subject to capital gains tax. You will receive a tax deduction for federal income tax purposes for the full appreciated value of your contribution.

It’s easy to make gifts of securities. If the certificates are held in a brokerage account, they can be transferred electronically to our account at TD Ameritrade. If you have the stock certificates in your possession, call us for instructions.


Retirement, Keogh, and IRA Plans

Another option for giving is through IRAs and employee retirement plans. Gifts of all or part of these plans to Lynn House can qualify for exemption for taxes for estate purposes. Naming Lynn House as the beneficiary can be changed at any time should your circumstances change.