Planning Your Legacy

Helping Lynn House build a Strong Future:

Gifts that are planned for today and which Lynn House receives in the future are an effective way to support Christian Science nursing. There have been many gifts, often planned years in advance, that have arrived when most needed. They play a significant role in bringing greater financial stability. Sometimes they meet an immediate need, at other times they provide seed money, encouraging us to go forward with a new idea. They’ve also helped to build our Endowment Fund.


Probably the best-known form of planned giving is through your will or estate plans. Often called a bequest, this form of giving has blessed Lynn House and assured donors that their resources are furthering the principles and ideals that have been important to them in their lifetime.

There are a number of ways of including Lynn House in your will or estate plans.

  • You can specify a gift of cash, securities, real estate, or tangible personal property.
  • You can give a percentage of your estate to Lynn House rather than a fixed sum.
  • You can give a residual bequest that gives Lynn House all or a portion of whatever remains after debts, taxes, expenses, and all other bequests have been paid.


Life Income Gifts

A life income gift, such as a Charitable Remainder Trust, can offer unique benefits to a donor—increased income, use of appreciated assets which are not subject to capital gains tax, and substantial reduction in federal income taxes. When you establish a trust for charitable purposes, you receive income during your lifetime, and the amount that remains in the trust eventually comes to Lynn House.

Gifts Through Insurance Policies

Often when children are grown and families are established, the protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed. By making Lynn House the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you provide for the future of Lynn House and you may qualify for an estate-tax deduction. If you prefer, Lynn House can be named as a co-beneficiary and receive a portion of the proceeds.